#1 – Do not support its creation in any way

If you take a naked picture of yourself and send it to someone’s mobile phone, email or social networking website, you lose control of it. On the other hand, if you take an erotic picture of someone else, make sure to have that person’s consent and be aware of the implications that could occur if the picture is lost or stolen. Having someone’s permission to take his or her photograph doesn’t mean you have the right to disseminate it!

#2 – Do not forward it

If you receive an erotic photograph or video from a friend, don’t encourage its expansion because it could bring consequences for you and for someone else as well.

#3 – Do not encourage it

Don’t ask anyone to take these types of photographs for you because even if your intentions aren’t to disseminate them, someone else could get a hold of these pictures, and harm you and the person who’s in the picture or video as well.

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